Comment Guidelines

Comment Guidelines

The Library Services Blog is intended as a resource to keep you informed about what is happening at the Sheridan College Library and Learning Commons. We welcome your constructive comments regarding posted content and our services in general.

No registration is required to post comments to the blog. Use the blog as a place to discuss library events, news, collections and services and to respond to entries and topics that are added.
Please keep the following in mind when posting comments:

• Only post comments in English.
• No copyrighted material, i.e. images, videos, plagiarized text, may be posted on the blog.
• Comments must be professional, to the point, and related to the content of the blog entry.
• Only include appropriate comments, i.e. nothing that could be considered hurtful, threatening,
libelous, disrespectful or discriminatory.
• No spam, chain mail or advertisements.
• Comments should not be self-promoting.
• Do not impersonate another person or post personal information.

By posting a comment to the Blog you are agreeing to the Comment Guidelines. The blog is moderated and comments that contravene the Comment Guidelines or Sheridan College’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy will not be posted. Thank you for contributing to the blog in a responsible manner.

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