Free the Textbooks Webinar

Free the textbooks with Open Educational Resources (OER) and eCOR!

The high cost of textbooks remains a barrier for many students. A 2017 Canadian study demonstrated that 54% of students did not purchase required textbooks and 17% reported dropping out of a course because of the high textbook costs. Also, approximately 85% of textbooks are not available to libraries in a digital format.

Join this webinar to learn how OER and eCOR can help remove textbook barriers and support teaching and learning.

Event Details

A recording of the webinar will be made available to faculty who are interested but unable to attend the session.

Learn about resources that are based on best practices and current trends in Canadian colleges and universities: 

  • Cost-free for students
  • Adaptable and remixable (OER)
  • Digital and accessible via SLATE
  • Copyright compliant

Discover how the Library can support faculty on using these resources with the eCOR Service!

For more information, please visit the OER Guide and eCOR Guide.