Returning your Library Items during COVID

Book drop

Have you been holding on to your library items since the beginning of the COVID closures? Are you anxious to return them before you lose them or spill your coffee on them? We are too!

Outdoor book returns are now available at Davis and Trafalgar campuses for you to return your books and other items without even entering the buildings.

Book returns are located outside the H & J wing main entrance at Davis and outside the SCAET building entrance at Trafalgar. HMC campus remains closed and book returns are not available at that location. Items from any campus library can be returned to either the Davis or Trafalgar book drop.

If you are unable to return your items immediately, or still need them for your studies, all due dates have been extended until further notice pending the end of COVID restrictions. All fines will be removed.

If you have any questions about your borrowed materials, please use your Sheridan email account to contact