NEW APA 7 Resources

Over the summer, we transitioned all of our APA Style resources to the new 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual. The following resources are now live and available through

APA 6 resources will continue to be available to faculty and students throughout the Fall and Winter semesters.  

**Please confirm with your instructor regarding which edition you are expected to follow. **

The 7th Edition 

It’s been 10 years since the American Psychological Association released the 6th edition of the Publication Manual. The 7th edition, released October 2019, provides a fresh focus on student research papers, as well as professional publishing needs. Some of the significant changes include: 

  • Omit “Retrieved from” in reference entries, unless you are required to provide the retrieval date. 
  • Remove publisher’s location for book references. 
  • Journal article references always include the issue number (pagination is irrelevant). 
  • Always use “et al.” for in-text citations for all sources with three or more authors. 
  • Include a single space at the end of a sentence, after the period. 
  • Endorsed use of ‘they’ as a singular pronoun. 
  • Examples specific to Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge. 

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Additional resources from APA include: 

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