CollectiveEYEdentity exhibit kicks off with an Art Hive

Image of girl, looking up at camera. Text states, 'collective EYE dentity exhibit and art hive'.

The Trafalgar Library Learning Commons is pleased to host the collectiveEYEdentity exhibit, curated by Professor Susan Beniston. This special exhibit will be on display from May 10th to August 15, 2019. To open the exhibit, the Sheridan community is invited to engage in an Art Hive on May 15th that reflects the theme of the show.


May 10th – August 15th, 2019
Trafalgar Library Learning Commons

The collectiveEYEdentity miniature works were originally exhibited in the Community exhibition, held by the Faculty of Art, Animation, and Design (FAAD) in The Gallery, October 2018.  The EYE-invitation was open to faculty, students, staff and administrators in FAAD, who chose to contribute an eye or two, in any media on a miniature scale using an up-cycled tin or small container.  

These collectiveEYEdentity miniatures are shown as intentional and attentive observers: in close-EYE-to-EYE-context, within a relational proximity that is integral to “our sense of Community. ”

Artists (listed alphabetically): Shelagh Armstrong Hodgson, Elaine Brodie, Antonio Cangemi, Katherine Cogill, Isabel Cruz, Junk Drawer of a Long-Forgotten DADAist, Barb DiPietro, Virginia DiRuscio, Sheila Greenland, Thea Haines, Sherry Lawr, Mary E. Libby, John McCartney, Kristin Mesley, Natasha Nootchtai, Peter Palermo, Kim Ramsahoye, Nicolas Salisbury, Winsome Tse, Cheryl Vallender, Borbala Wellisch, Sydni Weatherson

Art Hive

May 15, 2019
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Trafalgar Library Learning Commons

Celebrate the opening of the collectiveEYEdentity art exhibit by creating your own EYEdentity art at this special Art Hive.