10th Anniversary of Davis J-wing to be marked with Beautification Projects

IMG_20170123_163555-1September 2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of the J-wing at Davis Campus.  To celebrate this worthy milestone, the Sheridan Library has initiated a number of beautification projects for its library and learning commons. Earlier in 2018, we added several new study carrels to the third floor and an additional Silent Study Room.  Over the Winter and Spring/Summer terms, you will notice a number of new features to freshen up our spaces.

Fresh Upgrades

  • 300 new replacement chairs (200 to be delivered in January to replace chairs on second floor)
  • Fresh coat of paint in high traffic locations
  • Repairs and improvements throughout the space
  • More to come!

Art Installation – Reading Week to April

Adding additional visual appeal, we’re very excited to host a portion of the Sheridan Creative Campus Galleries annual Temporary Contemporary installation. More details to come.

Be sure to stop by and let us know what you think of the new installations and improvements!