Create an Academic Integrity Superhero

first heroWhat is your superhero called?
Choose a unique name for your superhero.

What makes your superhero special?
Create a backstory for your superhero. This backstory should be a paragraph of approximately 100-150 words. It will explain why you think your superhero is the true embodiment of academic integrity. For example, does your superhero have:

  • a special super power?
  • a unique story of origin?
  • a memorable catchphrase?Tell us – we want to know!

second heroWhy it’s important: When you are awarded a degree, diploma or certificate by Sheridan, it represents all of the hard work, dedication, commitment and integrity you have put into your work. Completing your work with integrity ensures that you are well-prepared for success in your career and you are ready to be ethical and contributing member of society.

To learn more: Visit Sheridan’s Academic Integrity website.

What if I can’t draw?

No problem! You can submit a hand-drawn illustration or an image made using a computer program. Winners will be selected on both the effectiveness of the superhero image and on the strength and credibility of the backstory provided.

Please ensure that both the image and the paragraph you submit are your own, original work. If you do use another’s ideas as inspiration, please ensure that it is copyright compliant and please ensure you credit the originator correctly.

For further information about copyright, and to access Sheridan’s copyright-related policies, please view the Copyright Guide.

You can also contact Sheridan’s Copyright Coordinator Librarian, Sam Cheng at

What’s the prize?
A Bluetooth speaker from iSound

Who decides on the winner?
The winning submission will be selected by a panel of judges. There will only be one lucky winner!

Who can enter? How do I enter?
This contest is open to all currently-enrolled Sheridan students at all campuses. To participate, submit the following three items:

  • superhero image
  • superhero name
  • superhero’s backstory (1 paragraph)

Submit your entry either in person by bringing it to the library at any campus, or you can send it by email to Angela Clark:

NOTE: If you are submitting a drawing, you can take a picture of it and email it along with your superhero’s name and backstory.

What’s the deadline?
The closing date for this contest is Monday, March 19 at 5:00 pm.

If you have any questions about this contest, please contact Angela Clark by phone (905-845-9340 ext. 8086) or by email.

third hero

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