Summon Update 2017

Summon will be updating on July 26th, 2017. This update is automatic and should not affect access to our resources. Check out the testing platform to try out the new update!

Update Highlights:

Improved searching:

  • Include and exclude options are now more obvious when limiting the search on the results page with the addition of both the include icon and exclude icon in the selection pane


  • Improved handling of punctuation and special characters, use of synonyms
  • Improved date filtering


  • Preview will now open when you hover your curser over the ‘preview icon’
  • Permalinks are now both in the preview section and as an icon (a small chain) at the top of the result with a tool tip (see below image)


  • Improved calendar slide labeling

  • Improved screen reader functionality
  • Fixed unintended scrolling

If you have any questions regarding this new upgrade, please contact