Celebrate Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week (SciLitWk) is a Canada-wide celebration of Science that joins colleges, universities, and public libraries in celebrating science and scientific discovery.


For this year’s celebration, the library has a great lineup of activities focused on the ‘Science of Sound’.

Science of Sound Exhibit

Created in collaboration with CTL, this three part, augmented reality exhibit will expose students to various aspects of scientific discovery surrounding sound and sound waves. The exhibit will travel to Davis and Trafalgar. Using ipads, and headsets, students will be able to see the exhibit come alive! The exhibit will consist of three display boards, six ipads, and six headphones. The content will include:
  • The Beginnings of Recorded Sound – An overview of Thomas Edison and his phonograph. This display will include the original patent, original recordings, a journal article by Thomas Edison, and advertisements of the phonograph.
  • The Power of Sound – A series of videos on sound waves. Includes the race to break the sound barrier, using bioacoustics to control computers, levitating particles on sound waves, and new advances in projecting sound for long ranges.
  • Responding to Sound – A series of audio files. Students will be asked to respond to the audio files and note how audio affects us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviourally.

Book Displays

Book displays at Davis and Trafalgar will focus on scientific discovery, innovation, or anything to do with audio/sound relevant to their programs.

Science of Sound Jeopardy Game

Similar to Jeopardy, this game will give students an opportunity to test their knowledge of sound-related technologies, such as bioacoustics, sonar, ultrasound, and more.

Social Media Blitz

Look for lots of great information to be shared on our social media channels! From interesting sites to fun little videos, we’ll be promoting Science Literacy all week long.
Do you have a question about Science Literacy Week, or would like to contribute to next year’s celebration? Contact library@sheridancollege.ca.