Trafalgar C-Wing Summer Renovations


Please continue to use the designated side entrance at the Trafalgar campus library until further notice. The main doors are still under construction. Thanks!

Scheduled construction throughout the Trafalgar Campus C-wing has begun! Work will be ongoing throughout the summer in order to prepare the building for use by the beginning of the fall academic term. Please see the Sheridan Insider for recent notices from Sheridan Facilities.

While we at the Library will do our best to maintain our regular service levels at the Trafalgar library, please note that the library:

  1. will be closed on weekends during July and August. Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm only.
  2. may occasionally be asked to close temporarily for safety concerns.

If you plan to visit the Trafalgar library, find out if we’re open by emailing or calling 905-845-9430 ext. 2482. Regular hours are posted at Trafalgar Library Hours and Locations. And as always, you can:

Stay safe, and have a great summer term!