First Ever Sheridan Exam Jam at Davis Campus Library

exam jamThe First Year Library Team is planning to host an Exam Jam on Monday, December 1at the Davis campus Library from 10 am – 4 pm.

What is an Exam Jam?

An Exam Jam is an event that combines academic study sessions with fun, stress-relieving activities for students. Other schools, like the University of Toronto, Mississauga, among others, have hosted this type of event in the past.

Sheridan’s Exam Jam

Study sessions will be held throughout the day for the following courses:

  1. Tips for taking multiple choice tests 10-11am Q Room
  2. CHEM 17370 – Introduction to Chemistry 1 11-12pm Learning Centre
  3. PROG 10082 – Object Oriented Programming 1 – Java 12-1pm Learning Centre
  4. MATH 17688 – Mathematics 1 – 1-2pm Learning Centre
  5. Tips for taking short and long answer tests – 2-3 Q Room
  6. PROG 10082 – Object Oriented Programming1 – 12-3pm C331

These study sessions will serve as a general exam-prep session for students.

In addition to study sessions, the opportunity for students to have some fun through the creation of appreciation cards, physical exercise activities with Move U, healthy snacks and more will be available.


For more information email Jamie Goodfellow at