New! Feature films from Criterion On-Demand

Looking for feature films to enrich your course curriculum? Then, you’ll love having online access to these 1,700+ feature films from Criterion On-Demand.  Newly released from Criterion this fall, this massive collection provides unprecedented access to Hollywood and foreign productions for educational use.

Because of their entertainment value, online access to feature films for educational purposes has been difficult to negotiate with vendors.  After much discussion between Criterion and the Ontario colleges, we are excited to be able to offer this collection to the Sheridan community.

Accessing the Criterion Collection Online

Our contract requires that videos from Criterion can only be accessed directly from links within our Library Catalogue.  To assist with your searching, we have prepared a list of titles (attached) which instructors can preview before searching the catalogue.

Criterion videos are available for streaming and download. Downloads must be played using the Criterion Silverlight plugin, and played within a 48 hour period.

Technical Considerations

Since Criterion On-Demand is a new service provided by Criterion Pictures, there are still some technical issues being worked out. We are carefully tracking these and reporting them back to Criterion for review.

  • You will be required to install a current version of the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  This is a DRM system which is designed to prevent mis-use of the digital content. This player works on the following desktop operating systems and browsers, including:
    • Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 12+, Chrome 12+, Safari 4+
    • Windows 7+, Mac 10.5+

Not every browser and OS combination is compatible. Please see the System Requirements tab on for more details.

  • The player may not display properly on low-resolution screens (e.g. if you are using a low-resolution display on some systems, you may not be able to click the up-arrow in the player).
  • If you are streaming videos from off-campus, some buffering issues have been reported from users who have tested streamed videos from off campus.  We are looking into this.
  • If you are downloading videos, depending on a number of factors, it may take a half hour or longer to download a complete video.

Should you notice any new issues, please let us know by sending an e-mail to