New Tabbed Box Brings Search Tools Together

We’re excited to share with you the new tabbed box we’ve been working on.  The concept is simple, really.  Bring together all of the discovery tools for accessing library content under one box.  In today’s complex information world, there are many access points for researchers and students.  Each tab in our box opens a different window into the library.

New tabbed box

Summon Tab: Summon is a discovery layer that searches across multiple article, ebook, and video databases.  It’s a great place to go to start your research and get a feel for what is out there in the literature.  You’re also able to limit by content type, by date, and by location (ex. Davis, Trafalgar, Online, etc.), which tends to make finding things just that much easier.

Databases Tab: The library builds its online collections primarily by subscribing to databases.  Each database has unique content, and focuses on specific areas and content types.  Sometimes, it’s easier to find relevant information if you search a specific database that focuses on your subject area.  Plus, while Summon does search most of our databases, there are a few unique ones that are simply not compatible with Summon — such as, Mango, or SimplyMap.  The Databases tab allows you to access the list of databases in our collection so that you can search them individually.

Ejournals Tab: If you’re looking for a specific online journal, magazine, or newspaper, and aren’t sure which database it may be in, search for the journal from the Ejournals tab.  The Ejournals Portal brings together a list of all of the journals we have in our collections, provides the full-text coverage dates, and links you to the database where you can find them.

Catalogue Tab: The library catalogue provides records for every item in our print — and most of our online — collection.  It allows for precision searching and is updated regularly.

Research Guides Tab:  Research Guides are created by library staff in an effort to bring together library resources for a particular subject or program.  If you have a favourite guide you use, now you can search for it easily and quickly.

We hope you find that the new tabbed box is a more efficient way to access our search tools

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