E-Stat to be discontinued

Note from Statistics Canada:

E-STAT will be archived on June 30, 2012. E-STAT will remain accessible as is until June 30, 2013, but its contents will no longer be updated. It will be discontinued July 1, 2013. We encourage you to start using the free CANSIM database and to visit the census portal for timely information. 

What is E-STAT?

E-STAT is Statistics Canada’s “electronic learning package” for students. It contains comprehensive statistical and demographic data about Canada, including detailed census profiles from 1986-2006 and the historical censuses from 1665 to 1871; the 1991 and 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Surveys; CANSIM time series; 1997 and 2000 Canadian federal election returns; data on the environment; and teachers’ handbooks and lesson plans.

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