View amazing interactive images of human anatomy with Anatomy TV

The Library is excited to announce two new online anatomy databases from Anatomy TV:

Functional Anatomy – a collection of 3D animations that allow you to literally peel back the layers of the human body and discover the bones, ligaments, muscles and vessels. With options to rotate, mouse-over to reveal labels, read textual descriptions and export images and movies to presentations and documents, the library hopes it will be both a powerful  teaching tool and study aid for Sheridan faculty and students.

Resistance Training – a collection of animations of typical body movements, making it easier to learn about a variety of
resistance exercises. You can also watch different muscles at work during such movements as rotations, extensions and more.  A simple click of the mouse lets you rotate, reveal explanatory notes, and export images into documents and presentations.

Access these exciting new databases via the Database A-Z list.

Anatomy TV

Anatomy TV - the ultimate online 3D human anatomy educational resource

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