Think Pink Week at the Sheridan Library was a huge success!

From January 25th to 29th, the Library held a series of fundraising events including Think Pink balloon pop day, make your own pink ribbon day, Think Pink quiz day, how pink is the library quiz day and the Think Pink Week Grand Prize draw.

With the help of our generous students, faculty and staff, the Library was able to raise over $200.00 to be divided equally between Breast Cancer research and Haiti earthquake relief.  Also, the success of Think Pink Week would not have been possible without the dedication of the Library Peer Mentors.  Thank you to Satender and Juste for their hard work. 

The winner of the Library Think Pink Week Grand Prize draw will be announced at the end of the week and please see below for the answers to our Think Pink Week quizzes:

Think Pink Quiz:

1.       In 2009, an estimated 180 men in Canada were diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Answer: True

2.       In 2009, how many women in Canada were estimated to have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Answer: 22,700

3.       If breast cancer is found at an early stage there is usually not a better chance of successful treatment.

Answer: False

4.       A common method of breast screening.

Answer: Both a clinical breast examination and screening mammography

Source: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. (2010). Breast Cancer.  Retrieved from 


 How pink is the library quiz:

 The Sheridan Library has the following number of items on breast cancer:

Answer: 14