Congratulations to the winners of our first ever Library Week Suggestion Contest.

The winners are as follows:

1st prize: Jesse Aleks ($10 Tim Horton’s gift certificate)


“Play some calm, relaxing music [in the library],like beethoven’s
symphony 9.”

2nd prize: Essra Al-ashrafi (Tim Horton’s commemorative coffee tin full of coffee)


“Provide a variety of fiction books and magazines, have in each week a
theme, for example Breast Cancer.  Just put in front of library like
think pink” which represent to think about these people.  This in one
example of other themes that you can put each week so people will be
benefit from these themes.  Also, you can provide activity that is
related to that theme.”

Many thanks to Michelle Isogai, Sheridan’s Davis Campus Food Services Manager for Chartwells for donating the coffee tin and accompanying coffee and again, congratulations to both our winners.